In sync with the hospitality industry we are strongly conscious of the impact we have on the environment and the growing eco-consciousness of guests. Our environmental stewardship is a fundamental expression of our values.


Our environmentally sensitive approach extends into every aspect of our products. Packing is always considered and constantly reviewed to ensure it is as eco-responsible as possible. No finished products are tested on animals. Soaps are moisture rich and formulated from vegetable based ingredients. Liquids are blended from high quality biodegradable ingredients and enriched with natural and organic extracts.


With a true understanding of our fragile ecology, we passionately champion a considered and ethical approach to indulgence. We advocate future friendly innovations that strive to make a positive difference to the planet and the communities we serve whilst constantly mastering new ways to inspire and engage all the senses. While our goal is delivering the ultimate in sensory indulgences, it will only ever make sense to us if we deliver them in a manner that is fully aligned with our values and the positive role we perceive we should be playing in the world we live in.