We’ve voluntarily taken steps to ensure that both our products and business are third-party certified so you can trust that when we say we’re committed to nontoxic and eco friendly practices, we really mean it.





The Natural Products Association Member

As a member of the Natural Products Association, HOPKINS provides natural products which are safe and beneficial to our customers.


Natural Products Association is an independent, non-profit organisation based in United State of America, the nation’s largest and oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to the natural products industry.



The VEGAN Society

Hopkins products are certified 100% VEGAN by The Vegan Society UK .

The certification program requires applicants to submit the product, package and complete list of ingredients for stringent review. Its logo proclaims goodness, quality, wholesomeness, and manufacturing practices in strict adherence to the rigid standards of the The Vegan Society and vegan guidelines such as no Animal Ingredients, Animal Testing, Genetically Modified Organisms and Kitchen and Hygiene Standards.



Australia Certified Toxic-Free

Hopkins was accredited as Australian certified Toxic Free company by Safe Cosmetics Australia in 2015. Safe Cosmestic Australia assists consumers who wish to exclude harmful chemicals from the products they choose by delivering a Toxic-Free List of companies that have been independently reviewed. Their mission is to raise toxic-free awareness, promoting companies who formulate products based on natural plant and mineral ingredients to ensure comsumers the product has no hidden nasties.



Animal Cruelty Free

Hopkins was accredited by PETA Aminal Cruelty Free and is added to the list cruelty-free companies in 2015. Hopkins strongly believe that skin care products should not be tested on animals.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an independent, non-profit organisation based in United State of America, which actively campaigns for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries and other household products. PETA Accreditation criteria is probably the most stringent in the world today.



Pledge Member of NIRC

As a Pledge member of The Natural Ingredient Resource Center (NIRC), HOPKINS use natural and natural derived ingredients only, in order to ensure the safety of our products.