Inspiring Innovation & Discovery

At Hopkins our purpose is the discovery, communication and preservation of knowledge. In our service, we are committed to creativity, innovation and excellence. We value integrity, quality, inclusiveness and teamwork in everything we do. We inspires us to continually innovate our products and services to help our clients provide enriching and distinctive brand-strengthening guest experiences.


Our Vision:
Think Aheads and Stay Aheads for all kinds of our products and services. This mindset provides a clear focus for who we are and what we do best.



Our Value:

PASSIONATE - A youthful energy, optimism & obsession exudes in everything we do & inspires a world of possibilities. We project a natural can-do attitude & a restless spirit that excites & delights our clients & is infectious to everyone we engage with.


INNOVATIVE - We are paradigm creators who thrive on pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We celebrate imagination & different thinking & are never afraid to challenge convention. Our bold, challenging mind-set is always framed by commercial astuteness, environmental sensitivity & the underlying drive to delight our customers.


ETHICAL - We truly take our obligations to heart & believe we are defined by our deeds. We take pride in the honest, transparent & fair manner in which we do business. We are forthright in showcasing our credentials & always transparent in supporting our claims. Ethical behaviour is the cornerstone on which our organisation is built.


ECO-CRUSADERS - We are relentless about making this a better world. We actively champion causes that bring a much needed equilibrium to the environment and how the planetís scarce resources are nurtured and shared. We prefer positive action over simply espousing feel-good theories


SENSOLOGISTS - We are masters at creating products that stir all the senses of our clients?guests. We are devoted to unlocking every layer of sensory stimulation possible to translate them into triggers which generate memorable & outstanding guest experiences. In sync with our clients & their brands, we tailor valuable & distinctive brand experiences for their guests.